Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Comida Tipica (Typical Food)

Here I am eating a typical Guatemalan lunch.

I've got guacamole (avocado "salad"), rice with tomato salsa (a little spicy), fried cauliflower, and tortillas.

In most meals, we usually eat beans too. The most popular beans are black beans, and they are cooked two ways: refried and boiled. The refried beans are first boiled, then they are mashed up to create a thick paste.

We eat this black bean paste by itself, and also put it on tortillas and bread.

My favorite Guatemalan food is chili sauce-- its quite spicy but it tastes great! I put it on everything.

Whenever we finish a meal, we always say, "buen provecho". This means "good meal" and is a way to thank the cook and express happiness with the meal.

Of course, in English we just say, "Yummy!"

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