Monday, November 12, 2007

Lago Atitlan

Last weekend I went to Lago Atitlan ("lago" means lake). Lago Atitlan is a huge, beautiful lake in the mountains of Guatemala. It was created when a giant volcano exploded. After the explosion there was a huge crater (hole) left behind.

Water filled the crater and created Lago Atitlan. That's why Atitlan is called a "crater lake".

Now Lago Atitlan is a popular vacation spot. There are many small towns and villages around the lake. I took a boat to a small village called "San Marcos". I stayed in a small guest house called La Paz. It was in the jungle and was surrounded by banana trees, papaya trees, flowers, and lots of other plants.

Because its in the mountains, the weather was not hot.

The only bad thing that happened was that a thief stole a cell phone from my room! I was staying with three other people, and the thief opened the door and took the phone from a bag. Luckily it wasn't my bag!

Somebody woke up and the thief ran away.

Other than that, everything was very nice and I enjoyed walking around the lake.

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